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Restroom Care Ready-To-Use 141004 141032 4/1 gal case 12/1 qt case sign fo De t Clinging Acid Formula Highly concentrated, 16% phosphoric acid cleaner. Thick formula clings to vertical surfaces as it quickly removes soil, hard water deposits and scale from urinals, toilets, shower walls, ceramic tile, chrome and brass. Pleasant floral fragrance. m iron en eE r th nv Fresh & Clean U.S. EPA Bio-Based RtU General Purpose Restroom Cleaner Citric Acid Environmentally Preferred Restroom cleaner formulated from citric acid, powerful detergents, wetting agents and surfactants. This restroom cleaner clings to the side of toilet bowls, urinals, wash basins and tile while effectively removing mineral deposits, soap scum, body oils, tanning lotions and other common soils found in restrooms. Safe on all surfaces. 183804 183832 4/1 gal case 12/1 qt case Whirlwind Wintergreen Clinging Non Acid Formula A thickened, foaming cleaner that cleans and deodorizes in one easy step. Excellent daily restroom cleaner dissolves soap scum from shower tiles, fixtures and all washable surfaces; especially good for vertical surfaces due to its thick viscosity. Leaves behind a pleasant long-lasting fragrance that lets users know that an area has been cleaned. Use on a wide variety of surfaces, including marble and granite. Spearmint Scented Acid Formula Phosphoric acid based cleaner. Effective removal of soil, hard water deposits and scale from urinals, toilets, shower walls, ceramic tile, chrome and brass. Pleasant spearmint fragrance. Economical and can be diluted. 143504 143532 4/1 gal case 12/1 qt case 140004 140032 4/1 gal case 12/1 qt case Mildew Removers hydroAction MildewBGone 9.5% Hydrochloric Acid Bowl Cleaner Cleans and effectively removes hard water buildup and other scale deposits from wash basins, bathtubs, ceramic tile floors, sinks and drinking fountains. Brightens stainless steel fixtures when used as directed. Designed for use on porcelain, glazed tile, ceramic tile and stainless steel. Not for use on chrome or brass surfaces. Bleach Based Cleaner and Mildew Remover Removes soap scum, grease and dirt. By combining a proprietary blend of cleaning agents and a chlorine stabilizer. MildewBGone quickly cleans and whitens even the most difficult stains with less fumes than competitive products. Use on glazed ceramic tile, grout, shower doors, vinyl shower curtains, bathtubs, toilets, sinks, counters, chrome and stainless steel. Non-abrasive. Ready-to-use. 145204 145232 4/1 gal case 12/1 qt case 142432 JustRight Bowl & Urinal Cleaner 12/1 qt case Mildew Remover Fortified with Bleach For cleaning sinks, tubs, showers, ceramic tile, grout, refrigerators and stoves. Easily removes tough stains, soap scum and mildew. Nonabrasive. 140104 Chemicals Value Priced A mint scented hydrochloric acid cleaner for effective removal of soil, hard water deposits and scale from urinals and toilets. 141632 4/1 gal case 12/1 qt case Britex Surface Safe Mold & Mildew 23% Hydrochloric Acid Bowl Cleaner Cleans and deodorizes. For restorative cleaning of heavily encrusted mineral deposits, rust stains, lime and uric acid salts. Only for use in urinals and toilet bowls. Bleach Free Formula Ready to use, bleach free, non-abrasive formula will not stain carpet, painted walls or other sensitive surfaces. Eliminates mold and mildew from water-safe surfaces. Fresh lemon scent. 145104 145134 5 4/1 gal case 12/1 qt case 146304HD 146332 Los Angeles (800) 446-1888 •  Poway (800) 261-4456 4/1 gal case 12/1 qt case

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